Pennsylvania State Tax Update

Beginning June 25, 2018, LA Vapor Wholesale will be changing the taxable products structure for our Pennsylvania customers. All of LA Vapor Wholesale's mods and vapes that are powered by an internal battery or consist of a full vaporizer kit will be subject to a 40% tax. All full starter kits and pod systems will be included under this tax. LA Vapor Wholesale's full vaporizer kits and starter kits are defined as any electronic cigarette kit that include a mod/vaporizer paired with an atomizer or a tank or possess an internal battery within the mod itself. LA Vapor Wholesale's pod systems, such as the Suorin Drop, are included under this 40% tax policy and all pod systems purchased by our Pennsylvania customers will be subject to this tax rate. One upside of the June 22nd Pennsylvania court ruling is that individual components carried by LA Vapor Wholesale are not included under this tax policy. Individual components are defined as stand-alone atomizers, tanks, and vaporizers/mods/electronic cigarettes that do not include any atomizers/tanks or internal batteries in the packaging. We hope this information is helpful! Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns regarding our products.